Amsterdam East: Expat guide

04 juni 2024

Introduction to Amsterdam East 

Amsterdam East, or "Oost" as the locals call it, is a vibrant and diverse district known for its rich history, dynamic atmosphere, and unique character. Historically, this area was a mix of industrial zones and residential neighborhoods, but over the years, it has transformed into one of Amsterdam's most eclectic and culturally rich districts. From the lush greenery of its parks to the bustling streets filled with shops and cafes, Amsterdam East offers a little something for everyone.

Map of Amsterdam showing East

Living in Amsterdam East


Watergraafsmeer is a green and spacious neighborhood, ideal for families and those seeking a quieter lifestyle. Known for its beautiful parks and sports facilities, it also boasts a range of housing options from modern apartments to historic homes. The area is well-served by schools, making it a popular choice for expat families.


Oosterparkbuurt is a lively area centered around the Oosterpark, a large public park perfect for leisure activities. The neighborhood offers a variety of housing options, including stylish apartments and charming townhouses. Its proximity to cultural sites, restaurants, and cafes makes it a favorite among singles and young professionals.

Indische Buurt

Indische Buurt is known for its multicultural vibe and vibrant street life. The neighborhood has undergone significant redevelopment, offering affordable housing options and a plethora of amenities. It is an excellent choice for expats looking for a community-oriented atmosphere with diverse dining and shopping options.


Zeeburg is a modern, up-and-coming area with stunning waterfront views. It features a mix of contemporary apartments and family homes, making it suitable for both singles and families. The area is known for its innovative urban design and is well-connected to the rest of the city by public transport.

Amenities in Amsterdam East 

Amsterdam East is well-equipped with essential amenities to cater to the needs of its residents. You'll find a range of supermarkets, schools, and healthcare facilities, including hospitals and clinics. The district is also home to numerous restaurants, cafes, and bars, offering a variety of international cuisines. For those who enjoy sports and fitness, there are several gyms, sports clubs, and recreational areas.

Public Transport in Amsterdam East 

Amsterdam East boasts excellent public transport connections. The district is served by numerous buses, trams, and metro lines, making it easy to navigate the city. Major train stations like Amsterdam Muiderpoort and Amsterdam Amstel provide access to regional and international destinations. Cycling is also a popular mode of transport, with well-maintained bike paths throughout the area.

Cost of Living in Amsterdam East 

The cost of living in Amsterdam East is relatively moderate compared to the city center. Here's a breakdown of average expenses:

  • Rent: €1,750 - €2,000 per month for a one-bedroom apartment.
  • Groceries: €300 - €400 per month.
  • Dining Out: €15 - €30 per meal at a mid-range restaurant.
  • Transport: €3.20 for a single tram/bus ride, with monthly passes available.
  • Entertainment: €10 - €15 for a movie ticket, €20 - €50 for a concert or event.

Landmarks in Amsterdam East 

Amsterdam East is home to several notable landmarks, including:

  • Tropenmuseum: A museum showcasing ethnographic artifacts and cultural exhibits from around the world.
  • Artis Royal Zoo: One of the oldest zoos in Europe, perfect for a family day out.
  • Oosterpark: A large public park ideal for picnics, jogging, and leisure activities.
  • Amsterdamse Poort: A historical city gate and one of the oldest structures in the area.

Expat Community in Amsterdam East 

Amsterdam East has a growing expat community, supported by various resources and groups. Expat-focused events and social clubs provide opportunities for networking and making new friends. The area is home to several international schools and expat-friendly businesses. Online forums and local meet-ups also offer support and information for new arrivals.


Amsterdam East is a dynamic and welcoming district that offers a perfect blend of history, culture, and modern amenities. Whether you're a family looking for a peaceful neighborhood, a young professional seeking vibrant city life, or an expat eager to connect with a diverse community, Amsterdam East has something to offer everyone. With its excellent transport links, affordable living costs, and rich cultural landscape, it's no wonder that many expats choose to call Amsterdam East their new home.