Membership Terms and Conditions

These are the membership terms and conditions of Your Expat Social Club B.V. (hereinafter: YESC), a company with address Hembrugstraat 13-H, 1013 WV Amsterdam, Amsterdam. YESC is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 92874002. YESC offers an online platform for expats, where knowledge, tips and advice are shared and unique events and workshops are organized.

These Membership Terms and Conditions are last modified on: 17-05-2024


  1. - Member: The (natural) person who has entered into a subscription agreement, or the company that has entered into a business subscription. 
  2. - Membership Agreement: The agreement between the publisher and the member, also referred to as: membership. 
  3. - Membership Terms and Conditions: This membership terms and conditions. 
  4. - Promotional Membership: A membership, whether or not temporary, that is offered with a discount.
  5. - Business Membership: Membership that a company takes out with YESC for the benefit of its employees.
  6. - Trial Membership: A membership that is taken out for the purpose of introduction, and that is offered for a fixed term and at a reduced rate.
  7. - Publisher: User of this membership terms and conditions within the meaning of art. 6:231 sub b BW, being YESC B.V., established at Hembrugstraat 13-H, 1013 WV Amsterdam, registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 92874002.

1. Applicablity

  1. 1.1 These subscription terms and conditions apply to the subscriptions that are taken out between the publisher and a consumer or between the publisher and a company. 
  2. 1.2 The publisher reserves the right to change and/or supplement these subscription terms and conditions at any time. Any changes will be published on The amended subscription terms and conditions apply to all existing and future subscriptions from the date of their entry into force, even if these were entered into before the amendment of the subscription terms and conditions. 
  3. 1.3 If one or more provisions in these subscription terms and conditions are at any time wholly or partially void or annulled, the other provisions in these subscription terms and conditions will remain fully applicable. In such a case, the publisher will replace the relevant provision(s) with one or more new provisions, the purport of which will be as close as possible to the original provision(s)..

2.Invoicing and Rates

  1. 2.1 All prices used by YESC include VAT.
  2. 2.2 YESC offers monthly and annual  memberships and payments take place before or at the beginning of each membership period, by direct debit.
  3. 2.3 Invoicing takes place either monthly or annually
  4. 2.4  In the event of non-payment or late payment, the User is liable without notice of default legally in default. The user will then owe statutory (commercial) interest from the date on which payment became due until the day of full payment, whereby interest for part of the month is calculated over an entire month.
  5. 2.5 If a User is in default, for example because amounts owed cannot be collected by YESC, YESC is entitled to close the account of the User in question.
  6. 2.6 YESC is authorized to increase the rates if:
  7.     a. The case of statutory price increases;
  8.     b. Within three months after the conclusion of the agreement and this is the result of legal regulations or provisions; and/or
  9.     c. From three months after the conclusion of the agreement, if the increase is not unreasonable.
  10. 2.7 The publisher reserves the right to change the membership rate, among other things on the basis of annual indexation. The publisher will inform the member of a rate change in a timely manner by means of an informative email. A rate change will be announced at least one month in advance. If the member does not agree to the rate change, he has the right to terminate the membership prior to the rate change with a notice period of one month.


  1. 3.1 There is a statutory cooling-off period of 14 days after the start of the membership. If the membership has already started and the member cancels the membership within the cooling-off period, only the products already taken by the member will be charged. 
  2. 3.2 If the member does not wish to continue the membership after the statutory cooling-off period, he can cancel the membership. Cancellation is possible by contacting the email address:

4. Term and Termination of Membership

  1. 4.1 After taking out a membership, the member will receive an email stating the duration of the membership. 
  3. 4.2 The term of the membership is either per month, or per year. 
  4. 4.3 Termination terms depend on what kind of membership the User has: 
  5.     a. A monthly membership can be terminated monthly, after the first tacit renewal.
  6.     b. An annual membership can be terminated annually, after the first tacit renewal.
  7. 4.4 An indefinite-term membership can be canceled at any time with a notice period of one calendar month.
  8. 4.5 The membership can be terminated with immediate effect upon the death of the member.

5. Correctness of Data

  1. 5.1 The member must notify any changes to the name and/or address of the membership, including both the delivery and billing address, at least three working days before the desired change. Inaccuracies in the address or name of the member must be reported as soon as possible. Changes need to be send to:
  2. 5.2 The member is fully responsible for the correctness and completeness of the information provided by the member to the publisher.

6. Data Processing

  1. 6.1 The publisher registers personal data in order to be able to email the digital newsletter.
  2. 6.2 All use of the registered personal data takes place in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations, including - but not limited to - the General Data Protection Regulation. See also: Privacy Policy
  3. 6.3 The publisher's privacy and cookie statement states how the publisher handles the data and how it can be viewed or objected to. See also:Privacy Policy
  4. 6.4 If no price is set for the sending of information and offers, this can be made known by sending an email to

7. Liability

    7.1 The information shown on the website is compiled with the utmost care, but its accuracy and completeness cannot be guaranteed. Any liability for any damage as a result of the information shown and/or access to and use of the website is expressly disclaimed.

    7.2 The publisher's disclaimer applies to the membership agreement.

8. Intellectual Property Rights

    8.1 Rights of intellectual and industrial property rest on all content and formatting (including, but not limited to: texts, photos, logos, drawings, other images, sound fragments, films, data files, including the layout, and distinctive color combinations, domain names) of the publisher's product. By entering into a membership, the member does not in any way acquire any such right.

    8.2 It is not permitted to disclose, reproduce, scan or otherwise exploit (possibly: parts of) the publisher's product without the prior express written consent of the publisher, unless otherwise agreed.
    8.3 If the member infringes the intellectual or industrial property rights of the publisher, the member is liable for all damage that the publisher suffers as a result or in connection therewith.

9.Choice of Law, Complaints and Disputes

  1. 9.1 For all complaints, questions, comments and/or further information, please contact:

    9.2 Dutch law applies to these membership terms and conditions.
    9.3 All complaints and disputes arising from or in connection with agreements concluded by the publisher will be submitted exclusively to the competent court of the Amsterdam district, unless statutory provisions do not oppose this.

    Your Expat Social Club B.V.