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Industrial trends in motion

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Reduzs is the adaptive partner 

In an ever-evolving realm encompassing transportation, construction, and technology, staying abreast of current trends is paramount for both employers and employees. At Reduzs, we prioritize meaningful work and sustainable outcomes, fostering successful collaborations by proactively addressing these trends. With over two decades of experience, we have the expertise and resources to facilitate perfect matches between employers and job seekers.

Whether you're a company seeking skilled staff or an individual searching for the right opportunity, Reduzs is your trusted partner. Our motto is: "Work with pleasure!" and core mission revolves around improving organizations and create happy employers and staff. Keep reading as we delve into the crucial shifts shaping these industries and how Reduzs is addressing them.

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Reshaping the construction landscape 

Digitalization is reshaping the construction industry, which confronts various challenges, ranging from the imperative for sustainable structures to shortages in staff. Nevertheless, digitalization offers a means to address these obstacles. While Dutch construction firms show relative proactivity in adopting digital practices, the utilization of advanced digital tools, like AI, remains somewhat constrained. On the other hand, plumbers do make use of as many innovative tools as possible. They utilize pressing machines, welding equipment, and digital measuring devices to create seamless pipe connections and adjust parameters precisely. Smart apps and 3D design software are also employed to carry out complex installations and plans. Through the use of digitization and innovative tools, plumbers can work faster and execute their tasks in a safer and more sustainable manner.

Changes in the transportation sector: 

Meeting demands amidst challenges 

Changes are occurring within the transportation industry, which experienced a downturn in 2023. Reduced demand was observed from sectors like construction and retail. As consumer spending shifts from goods to services, and with stabilizing inventory levels, the sector is expecting a slight uptick in transport demand from 2024 onwards. However, there remains a shortage of truck drivers, which continues to grow due to an aging population and the corona pandemic which creates challenges. To address these shortages, companies are increasingly turning to international recruitment.

Electrification trend in transport, construction and technology: 

Towards a sustainable future

Electrification forms a crucial part of the transition towards a more sustainable future, and this trend is particularly prominent in both the transportation and construction sectors. In the transportation sector, there is a notable shift towards electric vehicles (EVs), powered by batteries or fuel cells, as alternatives to vehicles running on fossil fuels such as petrol and diesel. In many cities, business electric driving becomes mandatory as of January 1, 2025. This transition is driven by various factors, including stricter emissions regulations, growing concerns about air pollution and climate change, and technological advancements that are making electric vehicles increasingly practical and affordable.

In urban areas around the world, we are witnessing a growing acceptance of electric cars, buses, and even trucks as alternative modes of transportation. These EVs contribute to lower emission levels and reduce dependence on fossil fuels, while also contributing to a quieter and cleaner living environment in cities.

In addition to electric vehicles, electrification is also taking place in the construction sector, where buildings are being adapted to use electricity instead of traditional fuels such as natural gas for heating, cooling, and other energy needs. This trend is reinforced by the growing availability and cost-effectiveness of renewable energy sources, such as solar energy and wind energy. By installing solar panels on rooftops, buildings can generate their own sustainable energy and thereby reduce their ecological footprint.

Does this also require different personnel? Yes, the trend of electrification in both the transport, construction and technology sectors demands different personnel with specific skills and expertise. In the transport sector, for example, there is a need for employees familiar with electric vehicle technologies, such as electric car mechanics and specialists in maintaining charging infrastructure. Additionally, new roles may emerge in battery technology, energy management, and smart mobility.

In the construction sector, there are opportunities for personnel with experience in renewable energy installations, such as solar panels and wind turbines. There will also be demand for electricians, energy consultants, and sustainability coordinators who can assist in designing and implementing electrification projects in buildings.

In summary, the transition to electrification requires a diverse and specialized workforce capable of working with new technologies and sustainable practices. This presents opportunities for training and reskilling within the labor market and can contribute to the growth of the green economy.

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Curious about how Reduzs stands out?

What sets Reduzs apart is our dedication to understanding the unique challenges and opportunities within the transportation, construction, and technology sectors. We recognize the importance of finding and retaining motivated colleagues and independent professionals (freelancers). Through our extensive network and personalized approach, we ensure that the right people are in the right positions, driving sustainable outcomes for both businesses and individuals.

For employers, Reduzs offers a personal and thorough approach, where the employer’s needs are central. We understand that as a company you are looking for qualified and motivated employees who help contribute to the growth of the organization. We look at your wishes and look for the ideal candidate.

For job seekers, Reduzs provides a diverse range of opportunities in different fields, including:

  • Electrical engineering
  • Transportation & logistics
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Construction
  • Welder
  • Plumber

Our platform offers a job search experience, allowing candidates to explore vacancies and apply directly. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a recent graduate, Reduzs is committed to helping you find your dream job. Reduzs’s success comes from business performance and the positive impact we make on organizations and employees. We believe that happy employees are productive employees. At Reduzs, every job and employee is important. Whether you're a company seeking competent staff or an individual searching for the right opportunity,

Reduzs is our trusted partner.

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