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Jimme: The ultimate outdoor sports class for exploring the city and meeting new people.

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Jimme is more than just a fitness platform; it’s a movement. We combine the best of the Dutch outdoor lifestyle with a diverse and vibrant sports community. Offering a wide range of activities from (kick)boxing to yoga, Jimme caters to all fitness enthusiasts. At Jimme, it’s all about creating an accessible and inclusive environment where everyone, regardless of background, feels at home. Whether you're looking to try new sports, connect with others, or simply stay active, Jimme is the perfect platform to support your fitness journey

Joining the Jimme movement is a breeze! Simply visit www.jimme.com to create your account. Next, download the Jimme app from the App Store to explore our extensive range of workouts and locations throughout Amsterdam. In just a few clicks, you'll be ready to kickstart your fitness journey!

Connecting with the Local Community

Joining Jimme workouts allows you to get acquainted with both the city and its residents. It's a fantastic way to make new friends and expand your social network while staying fit. You'll meet many newcomers to the Netherlands just like yourself. Additionally, Jimme is proud to be the exclusive sports partner of the largest expat group in Amsterdam, enhancing the expat experience even further.

Diverse Training Options

At Jimme, we offer a broad spectrum of workouts, from (kick)boxing to yoga and everything in between. This variety gives expats the chance to explore new sports and join communities with shared interests.

Flexibility without Commitment

As an expat, you might be uncertain about your stay in Amsterdam. With Jimme, there's no need to worry about long-term commitments. You can cancel your membership monthly or pay only when you book a class, providing you with maximum flexibility.


Experience the outdoors Jimme’s classes across Amsterdam’s different neighborhoods. Check the address at your booking to find the precise location.

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